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Exchange: nový Test-Message


Jako MC503297 publikoval 26.1.2023 Microsoft zprávu Exchange: Test-Message coming soon.

Microsoft support to help investigate. Tenant admins can run Test-Message to simulate test email messages and get an evaluation report that shows what rules matched/didn’t match for a particular message. 

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 100494.

Exchange: Konec Remote Powershelu


Jako MC488586 publikoval 20.12.2022 Microsoft zprávu Announcing Retirement of Remote PowerShell (RPS) protocol in Exchange Online PowerShell.

You are receiving this message because our reporting indicates your organization may be using this RPS through New-PSSession or through Exchange Online PS v1 and v2 modules.

This message is not associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

Exchange: konec starých mailflow


Jako MC449929 publikoval 25.10.2022 Announcing retirement of the legacy mail flow rules UX in the classic Exchange admin center.

The legacy UX is no longer the default page in the new EAC and is available only in the classic EAC and only until it is retired.

This message is not associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

Exchange: Nová role správce karantény


Jako MC445421 publikoval 17.10.2022 Microsoft zprávu Quarantine Admin Role Required for Exchange Admins for Quarantine Operations

Tenant Exchange Administrators who visit the Quarantine Security Portal need to be a Quarantine Administrator to perform Quarantine operations in the portal.

This message is not associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

Exchange: Útok na váš on-prem server


Jako CVE-2022-41040 a CVE-2022-41082 publikoval 30.9.2022 Microsoft zprávu Analyzing attacks using the Exchange vulnerabilities. Microsoft is aware of limited targeted attacks using two reported zero-day vulnerabilities affecting Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, Exchange Server 2016, and Exchange Server 2019. The first one, identified as CVE-2022-41040, is a server-side request forgery (SSRF)...



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