Sharepoint: Conditional Access pro Microsoft Lists


Jako MC443390 publikoval 7.10.2022 Microsoft zprávu Conditional Access Improvements for the Microsoft Lists App for Android. The app is currently available to members of organizations that have an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 commercial subscription that includes SharePoint. You will need to sign in with your OrgID (Azure Active Directory credentials).  This message is not associated with...

SharePoint: Vynucení limitu listy a knihovny


Jako MC355214 publikoval 26.7.2022 Microsoft zprávu Site Limits for SharePoint Lists, Libraries, and Subsites.

To ensure site performance and help customers have the best possible experience, Microsoft will implement a safeguard to prevent customers from exceeding these limits.

This message is not associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap .

Microsoft Lists: sdílení a obrázky v PowerApps


Jako MC256837 a MC257468 publikoval k 20. 5. 2021 Microsoft zprávy Power Apps can now display images from Microsoft Lists a Sharing Links for Microsoft Lists is now available. This release will allow users to now share Microsoft Lists using the same sharing links that they have been using for files and folders. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 81965  and Roadmap...

Microsoft Teams: webináře a schůzky


Jako MC250958  publikoval 16.4.2021 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft Teams: webinars plus new meeting registration options.

We are excited to announce the forthcoming availability of Teams webinar capabilities.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 80099, 65952, 66459, and 66586.

Upozornění: Výpadek služeb M365


Microsoft publikoval prostřednictvím Twitteru zprávu We're investigating an issue for access to multiple M365 services.

We're investigating an issue for access to multiple M365 services. Please visit the admin center post M0244568 for more information. We'll provide additional information here as it becomes available.

Sledovat aktualizaci incidentu můžete v tomto tweetu.

Microsoft SharePoint a Lists: Vlastní konfigurace zobrazení položek


Jako MC227452 publikoval 24. 11. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Configuring list or library forms for Microsoft Lists and SharePoint.

With this update, anyone who can create and manage views in a list can configure the list or library form with header, footer, and body sections for both Microsoft Lists and SharePoint.

This message is associated with Microsoft Roadmap ID 63519

SharePoint a Lists: Pravidla v seznamech


Jako MC227447 publikoval 24. 11. 2020 Microsoft zprávu List rules make it easy to set up notifications of changes.

With this update, SharePoint users with edit permissions on a list can create simple if/then rules, based on changes to list information, to set reminders and send notifications.

This message is associated with Microsoft Roadmap ID 64163

Novinka v SharePoint online: Vytváření seznamů ze šablon


Jako MC222600 publikoval 22. 9. 2020 Microsoft zprávu List creation from templates Visual refresh in SharePoint sites. List creation from SharePoint sites will get a visual refresh and users will get the additional capability to create lists from eight built-in templates. These updates are already part of the Microsoft Lists app and Lists in Teams rollouts – we are bringing the same goodness to...



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