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365 Office Apps: Office scripts mění úložiště


Jako MC394517 publikoval 21.6.2022 Microsoft zprávu Run team-owned Office Scripts in Excel for the web.

Office Scripts is an automation feature set in Excel for the web. With this update, users can save their scripts to a SharePoint site, in addition to their OneDrive for Business.

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Information Potection: Změna označování dokumentů


Jako MC393822 publikoval 18.6.2022 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft Purview Information Protection: Sensitivity labels now apply to modified documents (WXP on PC and Mac).

Coming soon to public preview, default labeling policies can be applied to any supported document that a user edits, not just a new document.

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Teams: nefunkční doplněk do Outlooku


Jako MC392289 publikoval 14.6.2022 Microsoft zprávu Reminder Installation of .Net 4.8 and WebView2 required for Teams Meeting Add-In in Outlook.

To avoid a degraded experience with the Teams Meeting Add-in in Outlook, ensure clients are updated to .Net 4.8 and WebView2.

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Intune: Windows Autopatch


Jako MC390012  publikoval 7.6.2022 Microsoft zprávu Announcing Windows Autopatch - a new feature in Windows E3 and E5 that automates updates in Windows and Microsoft 365 Apps. Windows E3 and E5 customers will be able to enroll their tenants into Windows Autopatch—the new intelligent managed service that keeps Windows, Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Edge...

OneDrive: report zdraví synchronizace s novou GPO


Jako MC357841 publikoval 12.4.2022 Microsoft zprávu New Group Policy Object for the OneDrive sync health dashboard.

Admins may now configure the OneDrive sync client to send health data using the simpler Group Policy Object "EnableSyncAdminReports", which does not require a Tenant Association Key.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 88871.

Teams: Update v Macu


Jako MC334275 publikoval 18.2.2022 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft AutoUpdate Auxiliary Teams updates for devices running macOS.

We will be making an addition to the Microsoft Teams update logic to include auxiliary updates via Microsoft AutoUpdate.



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