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Microsoft Edge: kontrola AI


Jako MC694372 publikoval 29.11.2023 Microsoft zprávu Preview enterprise secure AI controls in the Microsoft Edge management service.

The Microsoft Edge management service is a new, dedicated, and simplified management experience for Microsoft Edge in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

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Microsoft Purview: Sledování dokumentů


Jako MC695500 publikoval 4.12.2023 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft Purview Information Protection: Tracking and Revocation in Compliance Portal.

Users can access the Microsoft Purview compliance portal to check who has tried accessing their sensitivity labeled and encrypted local Office files and revoke access when needed.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 177890. 

Microsoft 365: Testování v ceně licence


Jako MC691757 publikoval 20.11.2023 Microsoft zprávu Test Base for Microsoft 365 benefit.

Test Base for Microsoft 365 is an Azure service that facilitates data-driven application compatibility testing of your applications against Windows security and feature updates.

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Teams: šifrování konferenčních schůzek


Jako MC675503 publikoval 7.11.2023 Microsoft zprávu Meeting Protection Support for Teams Rooms on Android.

The latest version of Teams Rooms on Android Update 3 (2023) includes the meeting protection support - End-to-end Encryption for meetings and Sensitivity labels.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 161423.

SharePoint: ukončení BCS


Jako MC671823 publikoval 17.10.2023 Microsoft zprávu Restricted Access Control for SharePoint and OneDrive Sites.

We are introducing a new advanced capability for SharePoint Administrators to restrict SharePoint and OneDrive sites to specified users.

This message is associated with Microsoft Roadmap ID 163991.

Whiteboard: Loop úkolníček


Jako MC681250 publikoval 13.10.2023 Microsoft zprávu Create new Loop Components in Microsoft Whiteboard.

The ability to create live Loop components starting with task lists, tables, voting tables, progress trackers & checklists is coming soon to Whiteboard for the web, Whiteboard app in Teams, and Whiteboard for Windows.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 117400.

Whiteboard: migrace dat z Azure


Jako MC677236 publikoval 3.10.2023 Microsoft zprávu (Updated) Whiteboard: existing Azure board migration to ODB storage. Whiteboard previously stored whiteboard files in Azure storage. In 2022, Whiteboard switched to OneDrive as the storage location for most newly created boards. We are making a client-based migration available for your organization soon.  This message is associated with...

Loop: datová kvóta


Jako MC678308 publikoval 29.9.2023 Microsoft zprávu Loop workspaces will start counting towards tenant storage quotas.

Loop is a new app that enables your teams to think, plan, and create together like never before.

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