Sharepoint: Remove-SPOExternalUser


Jako MC806103 publikoval 5.7.2024 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft SharePoint: “Remove-SPOExternalUser” is retaired.

This message is not associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID.

The "Remove-SPOExternalUser" PowerShell cmdlet for SharePoint Online will be retired. Users should transition to the another cmdlet and update workflows to avoid disruption.


Purview: Retenční smazání složek s obsahem


Jako MC791878 publikoval 11.5.2024 Microsoft zprávu Enable deletion of non-empty folders under Retention policy in SharePoint and OneDrive.

The new feature allows users to delete non-empty folders under a Retention policy in SharePoint and OneDrive, ensuring they remain deleted after syncing with OneDrive for Business.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 394689.

TEAMS: soubory Onedrive


Jako MC687207 publikoval 7.11.2023 Microsoft zprávu Files App Updating to OneDrive App Experience in Teams. The Files app accessed from the left side of the Teams desktop client will be updated with the new OneDrive app experience, bringing performance improvements, more views, and the latest features of OneDrive to both classic and new Teams. This message is associated with Microsoft 365...

Teams: Samostatná aplikace pro schůzky


Jako MC660610 a MC649938 publikoval 25.7.2023 Microsoft zprávy Meet App on Microsoft Teams a Browse files by Meetings in OneDrive. Microsoft Teams users will soon have a dedicated space to manage their meetings – “Meet”. Users in your organization will be able to see a new view called Meetings under the 'Browse files by' section in the left nav in their OneDrive. This message is associated...

Teams: Změna ve správci souborů


Jako MC528955 publikoval 16.3.2023 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft Teams: New Files app in Teams.

Users can easily discover and locate files that are relevant right within the Teams app. This makes it possible to locate, share and collaborate with OneDrive files without leaving the Teams app and switching between various apps.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 97677.

Teams: smažte a přejmenujte soubory


Jako MC510326 publikoval 2.2.2023 Microsoft zprávu Delete or rename files in a channel and in your OneDrive folder in Teams.

This is a follow up to MC455193 (November '22). We had to delay the rollout and are now ready to proceed. Thank you for your patience.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 98073, 98074.

Onedrive: synchronizace na virtuálních stanicích


Jako MC467233 publikoval 12.12.2022 Microsoft zprávu (Updated) OneDrive sync client will be blocked on virtualized machines configured with unsupported versions of FSLogix We have updated the timeline below. Thank you for your patience. We have created a script which will allow customers to provide a list of VM names and remotely check to see if FSLogix is installed This message is not associated...

Onedrive: Štítky v dialogu pro sdílení


Jako MC481831 publikoval 18.12.2022 Microsoft zprávu OneDrive: Sharing Experience - Sensitivity Labels inside the Sharing Dialog. Sensitivity labels are used to classify and protect your organization's data. These labels are completely customizable, and admins can apply a label to a specific file based on the organization needs. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap...



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