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Outlook on the web: Nový pohled v kalendáři


Jako MC248428 publikoval 3.4.2021 Microsoft zprávu Outlook on the Web: New calendar board view. This coming calendar board release will bring a new view to the calendar in Outlook on the web. In addition to the current views, users will soon be able to select a board view which will provide an expanded view where they can manage workloads like calendar, tasks, goals, flagged emails, and files...

Tenant: Encrypt-only v Outlooku


Jako MC246008 publikoval 23.3.2021 Microsoft zprávu Configure sensitivity labels for encrypt-only protection on Outlook messages.

You will be able to create labels within Microsoft 365 compliance center that enforce an encrypt-only restriction when applied to Outlook email messages.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 72171.

Novinka v Outlook on the web: Project Moca


Jako MC224257 publikoval 14. 10. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Outlook on the web, Project Moca preview.

Available as a public preview now, Project Moca in Outlook is a new way to organize items such as emails, tasks, links, and files in a visual way. Items (such as tasks and sticky notes) are synced across Microsoft 365.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 67162.

Novinka v Exchange online: Informace o plné schránce v aplikaci Outlook on the web


Jako MC214532 oznámil 4. 8. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Outlook on the web - In-product notification of full inbox. We are pleased to announce that this feature has completed rolling out and is available in your organization as applicable. As part of the work to make it easier for users to manage their inbox storage, we have also updated the Storage settings page in Outlook. Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID...

Novinka v Exchange online: Workspaces


Jako MC218929 publikoval 21. 7. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Outlook - new resource booking capabilities.

We are adding the ability for you to configure "workspaces" for your organization in Exchange Online. Those workspaces will then be available for booking through the Outlook calendar, similar to how users book a conference room.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap 65645 and 65646

Novinka v Teams: Plánování schůzek Teams pro uživatele Skype for Business


Jako MC214700 publikoval 30. 5. 2020 Microsoft zprávu New Feature: Change how users Teams in Islands users schedule meetings from Outlook. Dne 2. 7. 2020 došlo k aktualizací informací a k posunu nasazení. Skype for Business users who use Teams in Islands mode can schedule meetings from Outlook with either Teams or Skype. With this new policy, you can specify that meetings scheduled from Outlook...

Novinka v Outlook on the web/Outlook mobile: Výchozí schůzky online


Jako MC213856 publikoval 20. 5. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Option to create all meetings online for Outlook on the web and Outlook mobile. Outlook on the web users will soon be able to configure Outlook to setup all their meetings as "online meetings" when they use Skype or Teams as their online meeting provider.We will begin rolling out Outlook on the web the end of May.We will begin rolling out...



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