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SharePoint: ukončení BCS


Jako MC671823 publikoval 17.10.2023 Microsoft zprávu Restricted Access Control for SharePoint and OneDrive Sites.

We are introducing a new advanced capability for SharePoint Administrators to restrict SharePoint and OneDrive sites to specified users.

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SharePoint: konec podpory workflow 2013


Jako MC542767 publikoval 17.4.2023 Microsoft zprávu SharePoint 2013 workflow retirement. Since the release of SharePoint workflows, Microsoft has evolved workflow orchestration to not only encompass SharePoint, but all the productivity services you use with Microsoft 365 and beyond. With the continued investment in Power Automate as the universal solution to workflow, Microsoft is retiring...

Power Automate: placení za použití DOCUSIGN


Jako MC496546 publikoval 11.1.2022 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft Power Automate - DocuSign premium connector.

We are excited to announce that DocuSign has entered this program and as a result, the DocuSign connector, which is a premium connector, is available to be used by any users in your organization.

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Power Automate: pošta z nové adresy


Jako MC489125 publikoval 20.12.2022 Microsoft zprávu Important information about Microsoft Power Automate emails.

Microsoft Power Automate emails are moving to a new internal email provider. This change will result in emails from an additional Microsoft email account and IP addresses.

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