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Windows: Ovladače třetích stran ve Windows Update


Jako MC516276 publikoval 15.2.2023 Microsoft zprávu Commercial driver and firmware servicing is publicly available.

Windows Update for Business deployment service now empowers organizations to access curated lists of recommended drivers, control the offering of drivers to different devices, and monitor the deployment status with intuitive reports.

Windows: Adobe v prohlížeči Microsoft Edge


Jako MC512918 publikoval 8.3.2023 zprávu Microsoft Edge to replace built-in PDF engine with Adobe Acrobat PDF engine.

As part of the Adobe and Microsoft collaboration to re-envision the future workplace and digital experiences, we are natively embedding the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine into the Microsoft Edge built-in PDF reader.

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Intune: Aktualizace Windows


Jako MC486723 publikoval 16.12.2022 Microsoft zprávu Feature and expedited update management generally available in Intune.

The general availability of feature and expedited quality updates in Microsoft Intune brings with it new features that allow you to easily manage updates and accompanying reports.

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Windows: Doporučení pro TLS


Jako MC485581 publikoval 13.12.2022 Microsoft zprávu Recommendations for scenarios requiring Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.1 and below. Beginning September 2022, Microsoft disabled Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 and 1.1 by default for Internet Explorer and EdgeHTML. These versions of TLS are vulnerable to various attacks and are no longer considered secure. This message is not associated...

Onedrive: Konec synchronizace na virtuálních stanicích


Jako MC467233 publikoval 15.11.2022 Microsoft zprávu OneDrive sync client will be blocked on virtualized machines configured with unsupported versions of FSLogix. Any enterprise that is using OneDrive in a virtual environment without a supported version of FSLogix is at risk of having OneDrive blocked for any users running on the virtual machine in an unsupported state. This message is not...

Windows: Nefukční domain join


Jako MC447316 publikoval 18.10.2022 Microsoft zprávu Take action: Understand domain join hardening changes and avoid potential operational issues.

Domain join operations might intentionally fail with error "0xaac (2732): NERR_AccountReuseBlockedByPolicy" and text "An account with the same name exists in Active Directory.

Excel: Universal print


Jako MC452241 publikoval 28.10.2022 Microsoft zprávu Universal Print integration with Excel for the web.

Integrating Universal Print into Excel for the web gives authenticated users a new in-app print experience to search for and print to available printers in their organization. 

Windows: chyba SSL/TLS


Jako MC447316 publikoval 18.10.2022 Microsoft zprávu Take action: Out-of-band update to address issues after installing the October 2022 Windows security updates.

Microsoft is releasing Out-of-band updates today, October 17, 2022, for some versions of Windows. This update addresses a known issue that might cause SSL/TLS handshakes to fail.

SharePoint: Otevření dokumentu pouze přes SOAP


Jako MC445418 publikoval 13.10.2022 Microsoft zprávu Retiring Turn On File Synchronization Via SOAP Over HTTP.

We are removing the “Turn on file synchronization via SOAP Over HTTP” policy from Group Policy. This policy allows IT admins to turn file synchronization via SOAP over HTTP on or off for Office.

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