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Windows 10: prodloužení bezpečnostní podpory


Jako MC765362 publikoval 2.4.2024 Microsoft zprávu When to use Windows 10 Extended Security Updates.

This message is not associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID.

If you need temporary help to make the transition to Windows 11, you can enroll in the Windows 10 Extended Security Updates (ESU) program.


Windows: konec podpory verze 10


Jako MC695692 publikoval 5.12.2023 Microsoft zprávu Plan for Windows 10 EOS with Windows 11, Windows 365, and ESU.

If your organization has Windows 10 devices, these devices will run security risk and potential compliance violations as they reach end of support.

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Entra ID: Implementace Passkey


Jako MC690185 publikoval 16.11.2023 Microsoft zprávu Prepare for device-bound passkeys in Microsoft Entra ID (changes to FIDO2 and Windows Hello for Business). Microsoft Entra ID will support device-bound passkeys stored on computers and mobile devices as an authentication method in preview, in addition to the existing support for FIDO2 security keys. This enables your users to perform...

Windows: Ovladače třetích stran ve Windows Update


Jako MC516276 publikoval 15.2.2023 Microsoft zprávu Commercial driver and firmware servicing is publicly available.

Windows Update for Business deployment service now empowers organizations to access curated lists of recommended drivers, control the offering of drivers to different devices, and monitor the deployment status with intuitive reports.

Windows: Adobe v prohlížeči Microsoft Edge


Jako MC512918 publikoval 8.3.2023 zprávu Microsoft Edge to replace built-in PDF engine with Adobe Acrobat PDF engine. Updatováno 13.11.2023. As part of the Adobe and Microsoft collaboration to re-envision the future workplace and digital experiences, we are natively embedding the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine into the Microsoft Edge built-in PDF reader. This message is not associated with Microsoft...



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