Defender: ATP v XDR portálu


Jako MC387682 publikoval 2.6.2022 Microsoft zprávu: New opt-in setting for Microsoft Defender for Identity.

Over the last few months, the experiences and functions of Microsoft Defender for Identity have been made available in Microsoft’s extended detection and response (XDR) platform, Microsoft 365 Defender.

Exchange: Nastavení upozornění


Jako MC383901 publikoval 20.5.2022 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Hourly option for notifications.

We are adding a new hourly option to end user quarantine notifications, which will allow users to rely on receiving prompt notifications about quarantined items when appropriate.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93304.

Exchange: karanténa s vlastním e-mailem


Jako MC382821 publikoval 20.5.2022 Microsoft zprávu Custom organization branding for quarantine notification (custom sender address and Custom subject). We will be adding capabilities to making it possible for Security Operations (SecOps) to customize end user quarantine notifications with their respective organization sender address and custom subject. This message is associated with Microsoft...

Defender for Office 365: Nová politika na url klik


Jako MC355215 publikoval 9.4.2022 Microsoft zprávu New default (URL click) alert policy. Microsoft Defender for Office 365 offers many default alert policies.  One of the current default alert policy, A potentially malicious URL click was detected, generates alerts when users click URLs (which are potentially malicious) in email messages. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap...

Defender for Office 365: velké změny reportů


Jako MC250533, MC250532, MC250531, MC250530, MC250529  publikoval 13.4.2021 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft Defender for Office 365: ******** report to be retired in July. We will retire the ******** report from Microsoft Defender for Office 365 beginning July 30, 2021. We are also retiring the PowerShell cmdlet associated with the Spam detection report, Get-Mail*******. This...

Defender for Office 365: Lov na zloděje dat či zákazníků


Jako MC241580 publikoval 25.2.2021 Microsoft zprávu Hunting for Impersonated domains and users. We are adding new pivots called Impersonated user and Impersonated domain within Threat Explorer to enable Security Operations teams to explicitly hunt for specific protected users or domains within their organization that are targets of impersonation attacks. This message is associated with Microsoft...



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