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Exchange: AntiMalware filtruje více typů souborů


Jako MC379408 publikoval 13.5.2022 Microsoft zprávu Exchange Online-Updates to the file type list in the common attachment filter.

Based on internal research and best practices guidelines from industry and other organizations, we are updating the list of file types that are available for selection.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 85611.

Exchange: Změna Atributu “NAME”


Jako MC365786 publikoval 30.4.2022 Microsoft zprávu Configuration Change in Name parameter for Exchange Online.

We're making some changes to the way Name parameter is being set in Exchange Online. We will be making a change to utilize unique ExternalDirectoryObjectId (EDOID) in the place of Name parameter in Exchange Online only.

Exchange online: Změna Time to live


Jako MC346908 publikoval 25.3.2022 Microsoft zprávu MX Record TTL Support Policy.

This will help your organization fully benefit from the high availability of Exchange Online by ensuring that email for your organization is sent to the optimal endpoint in the Exchange Online infrastructure, and it requires some actions on your part.

Exchange online: Dynamické distribuční skupiny


Jako MC340293 publikoval 8.3.2022 Microsoft zprávu Feature update: Modern Dynamic Distribution Groups.

We’re making changes that will reduce mail delivery latency, improve service reliability, and allow you to see the members of a DDG. This rollout will provide the functionality to all Exchange Online organizations.

Exchange: Podpora DNSSEC a DANE pro odesílání


Jako MC308285 publikoval 21.12.2021 Microsoft zprávu Upcoming Release Outbound SMTP DANE and DNSSEC in Microsoft 365 Exchange Online. We will be adding support for SMTP DANE and DNSSEC to Exchange Online (EXO). DANE combined with DNSSEC is the state-of-the-art for securing email, and to optimize its effectiveness both standards will be enabled by default at the system level for all EXO...

Exchange: Vypli jsme vám basic ověření


Jako MC304725 publikoval 12.12.2021 Microsoft zprávu Turned-Off Basic Authentication – All Protocols. Today we turned off Basic Authentication for POP3, IMAP4, Remote PowerShell, Exchange Web Services, Offline Address Book, MAPI, RPC, SMTP AUTH and Exchange ActiveSync protocol in your tenant. Based on our telemetry, no-one is currently using Basic Authentication with those protocols in your...



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