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Exchange: Zasedačka v pátém červeném podlaží


Jako MC423708 publikoval 31.8.2022 Microsoft zprávu Advance Room Finder Will Be Showing "floorLabel" Instead of "floor".

Users can currently filter by floor in the Advanced Room Finder when browsing for rooms. This UI is currently populated by the rooms' "floor" attributes.

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Exchange: DMARC zabrání doručení z akceptovaných domén


Jako MC415186 publikoval 16.8.2022 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Enforce Authentication to Pass on AntiSpam Allowed Domains.

We are strengthening Spoofing protection within Exchange online protection and Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Anti-Spam security policy.

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Exchange: Konec Powershellu verze 1


Jako MC407050 publikoval 29.7.2022 Microsoft zprávu Retirement of Exchange Online PowerShell with MFA.

We will be retiring "the Exchange Online PowerShell module with MFA".

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Exchange: Příští TÝDEN VYPNEME Basic Auth u RPC, MAPI A OAB.


Jako MC400189 publikoval 13.7.2022 Microsoft zprávu Basic Authentication – RPC, MAPI, and OAB.

We're making some changes to improve the security of your tenant. We announced in 2019 we would be retiring Basic Authentication for legacy protocols and in early 2021 we announced we would begin to retire Basic Authentication for protocols not being used in tenants. 

Exchange: Moderní ověřování v aplikacích Apple.


Jako MC393181 publikoval 16.6.2022 Microsoft zprávu Apple Mail, Basic Auth and Exchange Online. Today we’re sharing the work we’ve been doing with Apple to help users of their Mail app switch from Basic auth to Modern auth. To leverage this work and help users make the switch, the Microsoft 365 tenant admin may need to take action to make this transition. This message is not associated with...

Exchange: Zpráva z karantény jen do vlastní organizace


Jako MC384326 publikoval 25.5.2022 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Quarantine asynchronous update. Dále publikoval MC384330 pod názvem Password protected download of quarantined messages. Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is introducing a new way of interacting with quarantined messages through an asynchronous approach. Previously, quarantine operations were carried out in a...

Exchange: AntiMalware filtruje více typů souborů


Jako MC379408 publikoval 13.5.2022 Microsoft zprávu Exchange Online-Updates to the file type list in the common attachment filter.

Based on internal research and best practices guidelines from industry and other organizations, we are updating the list of file types that are available for selection.

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