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Exchange: Moderní ověřování v aplikacích Apple.


Jako MC393181 publikoval 16.6.2022 Microsoft zprávu Apple Mail, Basic Auth and Exchange Online. Today we’re sharing the work we’ve been doing with Apple to help users of their Mail app switch from Basic auth to Modern auth. To leverage this work and help users make the switch, the Microsoft 365 tenant admin may need to take action to make this transition. This message is not associated with...

Teams: Změna výchozího oprávnění k tagům


Jako MC320163 publikoval 10.6.2022 Microsoft zprávu Updating default tenant-level tag management settings.

We’re updating the default tag management settings based on customer feedback.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 88318.

Internet Explorer: Konec reportu o použití


Jako MC391126 publikoval 11.6.2022 Microsoft zprávu Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge Legacy reporting will be removed from the Microsoft browser usage report.

Following the upcoming retirement of the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application on certain versions of Windows 10 (June 15), updates will be made to the reporting in the Microsoft Browser usage report.

Exchange: Změna Atributu “NAME”


Jako MC365786 publikoval 30.4.2022 Microsoft zprávu Configuration Change in Name parameter for Exchange Online.

We're making some changes to the way Name parameter is being set in Exchange Online. We will be making a change to utilize unique ExternalDirectoryObjectId (EDOID) in the place of Name parameter in Exchange Online only.

Exchange online: Změna Time to live


Jako MC346908 publikoval 25.3.2022 Microsoft zprávu MX Record TTL Support Policy.

This will help your organization fully benefit from the high availability of Exchange Online by ensuring that email for your organization is sent to the optimal endpoint in the Exchange Online infrastructure, and it requires some actions on your part.

Whiteboard: Dostupnost v teams pro cizí


Jako MC337624 publikoval 2.3.2022 Microsoft zprávu Temporary Whiteboard collaboration for external and shared device accounts.

Microsoft Whiteboard on OneDrive for Business (ODB) is leveraging a new capability that allows temporary collaboration during a Teams meeting.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 66759



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