Intune: jednoroční logy


Jako MC736428 publikoval 13.3.2024 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft Loop: Guest Sharing.

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Intune audit logs will only be retained for one year.


Intune: Omezení podpory Android


Jako MC709265 publikoval 23.1.2024 Microsoft zprávu Coaching by Copilot in Outlook for Windows.

Coaching by Copilot is coming to Outlook for Windows.


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TEAMS: AOSP v zařízeních


Jako MC665936 publikoval 11.12.2023 Microsoft zprávy Device Management Changes for Microsoft Teams Android Devices.

The new Microsoft device ecosystem platform built on the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP) was announced delivering state-of-the art security, reliability, and manageability with Microsoft Intune.

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Outlook: Zakázání sdílení


Jako MC684892 publikoval 28.10.2023 Microsoft zprávu Control Inbox and Calendar Sharing Options in Outlook on the Web and in the New Outlook for Windows. Outlook on the Web and the new Outlook for Windows provides users with the ability to share mail and calendar with other users at different permission levels. Obrázek vygenerovaný AI This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap...

Intune: konec podpory Android GMS


Jako MC674247 publikoval 7.9.2023 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft Intune ending support for Android device administrator on devices with GMS access.

Google has deprecated Android device administrator management, continues to remove management capabilities, and no longer provides fixes or improvements.

Intune: Ovladače třetích stran ve Windows Update


Jako MC609649  publikoval 26.6.2023 Microsoft zprávu Manage Windows driver and firmware updates with Microsoft Intune.

We’re excited to announce the general availability of Windows driver and firmware update management policies and reports in Microsoft Intune.

Intune: LAPS


Jako MC544782 publikoval 21.4.2023 Microsoft zprávu Announcing Windows LAPS management through Microsoft Intune.

With Intune’s April (2304) release, admins now could manage the new and improved Windows Local Admin Password Solution.

Intune: Nová verze


Jako MC522478, MC524215 a MC524216 publikoval 2.3.2023 Microsoft zprávu Introducing the new Microsoft Intune Suite.

Microsoft is introducing the Microsoft Intune Suite which unifies mission-critical advanced endpoint management and security solutions into one simple bundle.

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Windows: Ovladače třetích stran ve Windows Update


Jako MC516276 publikoval 15.2.2023 Microsoft zprávu Commercial driver and firmware servicing is publicly available.

Windows Update for Business deployment service now empowers organizations to access curated lists of recommended drivers, control the offering of drivers to different devices, and monitor the deployment status with intuitive reports.

Intune: Změna v reportech


Jako MC458650 publikoval 7.11.2022 Microsoft zprávu App protection and configuration reporting updates.

There are several upcoming changes to app protection and configuration reports to improve and simplify the reporting experience in Microsoft Intune.

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