Teams: přejmenování v macOS


Jako MC681884 publikoval 16.10.2023 Microsoft zprávy macOS name change: Microsoft Teams to Microsoft Teams classic MDM Impact.

With the recent GA of New Teams on Mac, there are changes that impact the management of some tenants regarding new Teams and Microsoft Teams classic (formerly Microsoft Teams).

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Intune: Konec podpory starších OS od Apple


Jako MC578235  a MC579608 publikoval 9.6.2023 Microsoft zprávy "Intune moving to support iOS 15/iPadOS 15 and higher later this year" a "Intune moving to support macOS 12 and higher later this year".

If you are managing Apple's devices, you might have devices that will not be able to upgrade to the minimum supported version.

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Outlook: Týdenní aktualizace pro Macos


Jako MC516354 publikoval 15.2.2023 Microsoft zprávu Outlook for Mac updates will be released weekly to the Current Channel.

Outlook for Mac will soon transition from a monthly update cycle to a weekly update cycle.

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Exchange: Moderní ověřování v aplikacích Apple.


Jako MC393181 publikoval 16.6.2022 Microsoft zprávu Apple Mail, Basic Auth and Exchange Online. Today we’re sharing the work we’ve been doing with Apple to help users of their Mail app switch from Basic auth to Modern auth. To leverage this work and help users make the switch, the Microsoft 365 tenant admin may need to take action to make this transition. This message is not associated with...

Teams: Update v Macu


Jako MC334275 publikoval 18.2.2022 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft AutoUpdate Auxiliary Teams updates for devices running macOS.

We will be making an addition to the Microsoft Teams update logic to include auxiliary updates via Microsoft AutoUpdate.

OneDrive: Files On-Demand v MacOs


Jako MC314017 publikoval 13.1.2022 Microsoft zprávu Files On-Demand refresh for macOS.

OneDrive Files On-Demand, which is enabled by default, helps you view and access all your files, individual or shared, without having to download them and use device storage.

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Outlook: Nová výchozí verze pro Mac


Jako MC315650 publikoval 18.1.2022 Microsoft zprávu New Outlook for Mac becomes the default experience in Current Channel.

The new Outlook for Mac will connect to accounts using Microsoft sync technology for enhanced performance and reliability, with functionality that showcases the best of Outlook.

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