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365 Apps: Apple Vision OS


Jako MC712150 publikoval 3.2.2024 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Teams on Apple visionOS.

The initial release of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams on Apple visionOS will support both Enterprise and Consumer accounts.


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365 Apps: štítky pro PDF


Jako MC712147 a MC712148 publikoval 3.2.2024 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft 365 apps on iOS (Android) can create PDFs that inherit sensitivity labels from source files. When using Microsoft 365 apps on iOS for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, files with sensitivity labels will also apply those labels to Adobe Acrobat PDFs created in those apps.   This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap...

Outlook: Nová aplikace


Jako MC703703 publikoval 4.1.2024 Microsoft zprávu Toggle to try the Preview of new Outlook for Windows in Semi-Annual Channel. The experience is an option to try, and nothing will change without end users taking action. We will give notice before any required changes occur, after the preview has received sufficient usage and feedback. This message is not associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap...

Microsoft 365: Časový limit nečinnosti


Jako MC694387 publikoval 30.12.2023 Microsoft zprávu  Replacing “Activity-Based Authentication Timeout” with “Idle Session Timeout for Microsoft 365”.

You can migrate to Idle Session Timeout right now. To migrate to Idle Session Timeout, you only need to turn on Idle Session Timeout.

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Teams: Konec staré aplikace


Jako MC686187 publikoval 31.10.2023 a 1.11.2023 Microsoft zprávu Classic Teams Users Will be Automatically Updated to New Teams. We recently announced the general availability of new Teams for Windows and Mac users. The new Teams app is reimagined from the ground up to deliver improved performance and enhanced reliability, security, and IT management.  This message is not...

Outlook: Zakázání sdílení


Jako MC684892 publikoval 28.10.2023 Microsoft zprávu Control Inbox and Calendar Sharing Options in Outlook on the Web and in the New Outlook for Windows. Outlook on the Web and the new Outlook for Windows provides users with the ability to share mail and calendar with other users at different permission levels. Obrázek vygenerovaný AI This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap...

Teams: Samostatná aplikace pro schůzky


Jako MC660610 a MC649938 publikoval 25.7.2023 Microsoft zprávy Meet App on Microsoft Teams a Browse files by Meetings in OneDrive. Microsoft Teams users will soon have a dedicated space to manage their meetings – “Meet”. Users in your organization will be able to see a new view called Meetings under the 'Browse files by' section in the left nav in their OneDrive. This message is associated...

Outlook: Konec doplňků


Jako MC528299 publikoval 15.3.2023 Microsoft zprávu Migrate your Outlook COM/VSTO add-ins to web add-ins model supported in the new Outlook for Windows. We recently announced the expansion of new Outlook for Windows to Current Channel users in April 2023, with the goal of providing a unified, modern and robust Outlook experience across desktop and web. This message is not associated with...

365 Apps: Nové ovládání štítků citlivosti


Jako MC515530 publikoval 15.2.2023 Microsoft zprávu New Sensitivity Labeling Bar in Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise. For organizations who rely on sensitivity labels from Microsoft Purview to protect their documents, a new feature is rolling out that makes it easier for end users to see or change sensitivity labels for files and emails in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook on PC. This message...



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