OneDrive: změna UPN znemožnila přístup


Jako MC289953 publikoval 7.10.2021 Microsoft zprávu Users may need to take action to access OneDrive for Business from Office.com.

We’ve identified and corrected an issue with users' ability to access OneDrive for Business through the Office.com navigation menu.

OneDrive: Nové menu


Jako MC285602 publikoval 17.9.2021 Microsoft zprávu OneDrive: New Command Bar.

 With this update users will be able to easily identify the right file and access primary commands.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 85602.

Whiteboard: změna úložiště


Jako MC282992 publikoval 3.9.2021 Microsoft zprávu Updated timing changes: Whiteboard on OneDrive for Business. We want to inform you that the timing has shifted for the Microsoft Whiteboard move to OneDrive for Business storage which will integrate seamlessly across the suite, so you can create, share, discover, and manage whiteboards as easily as any Office document. This message is associated...

Whiteboard: Nový vzhled a funkce


Jako MC279627 publikoval 20.8.2021 Microsoft zprávu Refreshed Microsoft Whiteboard client experience coming soon.

Microsoft Whiteboard is being updated to provide a new, unified experience across all devices, whether you’re on a large screen or a mobile phone.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 72196, 82093, and 82094.

OneDrive: víte s kým sdílete?


Jako MC263839 publikoval 22.6.2021 Microsoft zprávu OneDrive: Sharing experience - "Shared with".

Users who have the right permissions and interact with the OneDrive/SharePoint share control will easily be able to jump into Manage Access by clicking on the "Shared With" list for more control and granularity.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 83725.

OneDrive/Lists: Použijte PWA aplikaci


Jako MC261535 a  MC261537 publikoval 11.6.2021 Microsoft zprávu Install web version of Microsoft Lists as a Progressive Web App (PWA), Install web version of OneDrive as a Progressive Web App (PWA) You can now install the web version of OneDrive as a Progressive Web App (PWA) in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox or other browser that supports Progressive Web Apps This message is...

SharePoint/OneDrive: Připravte se na konec IE11


Jako MC257029 publikoval 18.5.2021 Microsoft zprávu Prepare your SharePoint and OneDrive environment for end of support for Internet Explorer 11. Once this change takes effect, Microsoft 365 apps and services, including SharePoint Online and OneDrive, will not be supported on IE 11. This means that after the above dates, customers will have a degraded experience or will be unable to connect to...



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