Outlook: Doplněk do Microsoft Edge


Jako MC264090 publikoval 23.6.2021 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft Outlook Extension for Edge recommendation. This new release will enable some Windows 10 users, who are using Outlook on the web or Outlook for Windows, to see a clickable recommendation to visit the browser extension page for Outlook in Edge where they can choose to install the extension. This message is...

Exchange: rezervujte pracovní místo z plánu poschodí


Jako MC255537 publikoval 11.5.2021 Microsoft zprávu Floor Plans for workspace booking in mobile devices.

This new feature will allow you to add floor plans to your reserved workspaces so users can easily see where a workspace is located. This is rolling out on Outlook iOS and Android Apps.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 81950.

Outlook: Složka kontaktů jako kategorie v mobilu


Jako MC245819 publikoval 23.3.2021 Microsoft zprávu Updated: Outlook for iOS and Android - Sync additional contact folders as category labels. As we announced in December 2019 (MC232127), users who have set up additional contact folders in Outlook on the web, or in Outlook for Windows or Mac, see those folders as a new category in Outlook mobile (iOS and Android). The category label corresponds...

Tenant: Encrypt-only v Outlooku


Jako MC246008 publikoval 23.3.2021 Microsoft zprávu Configure sensitivity labels for encrypt-only protection on Outlook messages.

You will be able to create labels within Microsoft 365 compliance center that enforce an encrypt-only restriction when applied to Outlook email messages.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 72171.

Novinka v Outlook pro Windows: Všechny schůzky online


Jako MC230567 publikoval 18. 12. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Option to create all meetings online in Outlook for Windows. Outlook for Windows users will soon be able to choose to have all their meetings set as online meetings when their organization uses Teams as their online meeting provider. This feature is already available in Outlook on the web and Outlook for iOS and Android (MC213856, May 2020)...

Novinka v Teams: Plánujete větší schůzku? Nastavte si její parametry hned!


Jako MC231140 publikoval 22. 12. 2020 Microsoft zprávu New meeting options for managing large Teams meetings in Outlook for Windows.

When organizing Teams meetings in Outlook for Windows for 40 or more participants or 10 or more distribution lists, Teams users will soon see a prompt to set meeting options.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 68918.

Outlook a Outlook pro iOS: Predikce textu


Jako MC229381 publikoval 11. 12. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Introducing text predictions in Outlook for Windows a jako MC229558 ve stejný den zprávu Introducing text predictions in Outlook for iOS. Text predictions help Microsoft 365 users write more efficiently by using intelligent technology to suggest text during composition. This feature is available for Outlook on the web (MC225214, October 2020)...

Microsoft Outlook: Jazykový Překlad zpráv


Jako MC228685 publikoval 5. 12. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Introducing translations in Outlook for Windows.

Translation in Outlook for Windows is a new set of translation features that enable users to translate full messages or specific words and phrases.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 69305



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