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Jako MC709983 publikoval 25.1.2024 Microsoft zprávu New Cmdlets for Advanced Delivery Policy.

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the reliability of cmdlets, we are replacing the existing two cmdlets of advanced delivery policy with two new cmdlets. The new cmdlets are already available to use.

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Defender for Office: SCL:9


Jako MC668259 publikoval 16.8.2023 Microsoft zprávu: Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Updates to Precedence of User and Organizational Email Allows and Blocks. We will be updating how tenant and user allows are handled in the filtering stack to better align with customer expectations. These changes will provide more controls for the tenant administrators and ensure that users are better...

Správa tenantu a zabezpečení: Rozšířené filtry v nástroji Threat Explorer


Jako MC203553 publikoval 10. 2. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Updated Feature: Advanced filters in Threat Explorer We are enhancing advanced filters to make it easier for you to use Threat Explorer or Real time detections to find and delete malicious email from recipient mailboxes. In Threat Management Review, we are also renaming the Incident widget to Action center. We'll be gradually rolling this out...



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