Exchange: změna v audit logu


Jako MC713038 publikoval 6.2.2024 Microsoft zprávu Retirement of AdminAuditLog and MailboxAuditLog cmdlets.

We would like to inform you about an upcoming change in the way you access and manage your Exchange Online audit logs.

This message is not associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap. 

Sharepoint: Zákaznická knihovna šablon


Jako MC712146 publikoval 3.2.2024 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft SharePoint Online: Create custom document library templates.

In Microsoft SharePoint Online, we are introducing the ability to create custom document library templates using the existing PowerShell-based tooling for creating custom list templates.


This message is not associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

Exchange: vynulování throttling


Jako MC649934 publikoval 19.7.2023 Microsoft zprávu Introducing New Method to Clear Throttling Policy Assignments for Mailboxes. Over the years, you might have asked Microsoft Support to raise specific limits for some of your mailboxes (Transport limits, Recipient Rate limit, protocol limits - Exchange Web Services, ActiveSync, PowerShell). Until now, there has been no other way to revert those...

Microsoft Lists: Změna práce s vlastními vzory


Jako MC588324 publikoval 14.6.2023 Microsoft zprávu Custom List Template Updates. The Custom List Templates feature will give organizations the ability to create their own custom list templates with custom formatting and schema. It will also empower organizations to create repeatable solutions within the same Microsoft Lists infrastructure. This message is not associated with Microsoft 365...

Teams: rozšíření zásad pro správu


Jako MC557241 a MC557818  publikoval 18.5.2023 Microsoft zprávu Group Policy Assignment Support to Additional Policy Types in Microsoft Teams admin center. Microsoft is extending group policy assignment support to additional policy types via Teams admin center. Admins can create new groups in Microsoft 365 admin center or can use existing groups to assign custom policies for various policy types...

Exchange: nový Test-Message


Jako MC503297 publikoval 26.1.2023 Microsoft zprávu Exchange: Test-Message coming soon.

Microsoft support to help investigate. Tenant admins can run Test-Message to simulate test email messages and get an evaluation report that shows what rules matched/didn’t match for a particular message. 

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 100494.

Exchange: Konec Remote Powershelu


Jako MC488586 publikoval 20.12.2022 Microsoft zprávu Announcing Retirement of Remote PowerShell (RPS) protocol in Exchange Online PowerShell.

You are receiving this message because our reporting indicates your organization may be using this RPS through New-PSSession or through Exchange Online PS v1 and v2 modules.

This message is not associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

Teams: nové politiky pro webináře


Jako MC454809 publikoval 1.12.2022 Microsoft zprávu  IT Admin Policy Change for the New Webinars Experience on Teams. We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of the new webinar experience. This experience is an intuitive end-to-end online seminar solution addressing key feedback received since the initial webinar launch last year and is built to scale for advanced webinars in the...



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