Novinka v Teams: Řízení konverzace na schůzce


Jako MC224359 publikoval 15. 10. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Meeting chat moderation settings.

We are updating the Meeting options to allow an organizer to manage participants ability to chat prior to, during and after a meeting.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 67175.

Novinka v Teams: Přesun schůzky mezi zařízeními


Jako MC224238 publikoval 14. 10. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Transfer Teams meeting between devices or add another device. Teams meeting participants soon will be able transfer a meeting between a mobile device and a computer when they are logged in with the same AAD account. In addition to being able to transfer a meeting between devices, meeting participants may add another device as a companion to...

Novinka v Teams: Vylepšení poznámek


Jako MC224050 publikoval 12. 10. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Improvements to Teams Meeting Notes.

We are rolling out a few key improvements to the Meeting Notes feature.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 67142.

Novinka v Teams: Nastavení schůzky bude zase po ruce


Jako MC223879 publikoval 8. 10. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Organizers can manage meeting options in the meeting experience.

When meetings have their own window in a desktop Teams app, organizers will be able to see and change meeting options within the in-meeting experience.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 67121.

Novinka v Teams: Nová možnost v automatickém vstupu do online schůzky


Jako MC219629 publikoval 31. 7. 2019 Microsoft zprávu Introducing the Organizer only Teams meeting lobby policy option. In May (MC214522), we introduced a new user setting, Only me, that meeting organizers could select when configuring the "Who can bypass lobby?" setting for a Teams meeting. We are now making it possible for you to set Teams meeting defaults in your organization so that only...

Novinka v Teams: Označení řečníka u titulků


Jako MC219651 publikoval 31. 7. 2019 Microsoft zprávu Speaker attribution in Live Captions.

Teams already provides live captions as a way to follow along with what is being said in a meeting. We will soon add speaker attribution to captions so that everyone knows who is speaking.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 65949.



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