Novinka v Outlook pro Windows: Všechny schůzky online


Jako MC230567 publikoval 18. 12. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Option to create all meetings online in Outlook for Windows. Outlook for Windows users will soon be able to choose to have all their meetings set as online meetings when their organization uses Teams as their online meeting provider. This feature is already available in Outlook on the web and Outlook for iOS and Android (MC213856, May 2020)...

Microsoft Teams: Konverzace v rámci schůzky? Jen pro někoho


Jako MC226407 publikoval 11. 11. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Updates to meeting chat membership.

We are updating a meeting participant's access to meeting chat. These changes will manage a users access to a meeting chat based on how they were invited to the meeting.

This message is associated with Microsoft Roadmap ID 68853

Microsoft Teams: Customized meeting experiences


Jako MC224434 publikoval 16. 10. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Creating customized meetings experiences with apps in Microsoft Teams.

Per our announcement at Ignite 2020, we are introducing three new surfaces for Teams meetings: a pre- and post-meeting tab; an in-meeting side panel; and in-meeting content notifications.

This message is associated with Microsoft Roadmap ID 68733

Microsoft Teams: Dotazníky v průběhu schůzky


Jako MC225995 publikoval 6. 11. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Announcing Forms polls in Microsoft Teams meetings.

By integrating Teams and the Forms app, we are creating a new way for meeting presenters to poll attendees.

This message is associated with Microsoft Roadmap ID 68837

Novinka v Teams: Řízení konverzace na schůzce


Jako MC224359 publikoval 15. 10. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Meeting chat moderation settings.

We are updating the Meeting options to allow an organizer to manage participants ability to chat prior to, during and after a meeting.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 67175.

Novinka v Teams: Přesun schůzky mezi zařízeními


Jako MC224238 publikoval 14. 10. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Transfer Teams meeting between devices or add another device. Teams meeting participants soon will be able transfer a meeting between a mobile device and a computer when they are logged in with the same AAD account. In addition to being able to transfer a meeting between devices, meeting participants may add another device as a companion to...

Novinka v Teams: Vylepšení poznámek


Jako MC224050 publikoval 12. 10. 2020 Microsoft zprávu Improvements to Teams Meeting Notes.

We are rolling out a few key improvements to the Meeting Notes feature.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 67142.



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