Outlook: Výběr internetového prohlížeče


Jako MC531738 publikoval 25.3.2023 Microsoft zprávu Launching new way to open links in Edge from Outlook for iOS and Android.

Currently users open links automatically from Outlook for iOS and Android in their default browser.

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Excel: .NET a WebView


Jako MC532199 publikoval 23.3.2023 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft Excel: Get.

Starting June 1, 2023, Get & Transform Data tools in Excel will require additional libraries to be installed to continue working.

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Loop: Zakázání a povolení


Jako MC525137 publikoval 22.3.2023 Microsoft zprávu (Updated) Microsoft Loop App Coming to Public Preview. Microsoft Loop is a web and mobile co-creation app. It is designed for your team to think, plan, and create together. The Loop App will be disabled by default for your organization. If you wish to enable the Loop App in your tenant, please follow the steps outlined below. This message is not...

Tenant: vlastní doména pro upozornění


Jako MC531211 publikoval 21.3.2023 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft 365 admin center: Bring your own domain to use for Microsoft 365 product emails. Email notifications from products within Microsoft 365 are sent out to users in various ways. In many cases the emails are sent out from the user but there are system emails, like alerts, batched, or digest emails. These are sent from various product...

Yammer: Změna na Viva Engage


Jako MC529416 publikoval 17.3.2023 Microsoft zprávu Additional details on the evolution of Yammer to Viva Engage.

To help inform end users about this rebrand we have started rolling out an in-app banner messaging the upcoming change. The banner is simple, with no additional links provided in this banner.

Outlook: Konec doplňků


Jako MC528299 publikoval 15.3.2023 Microsoft zprávu Migrate your Outlook COM/VSTO add-ins to web add-ins model supported in the new Outlook for Windows. We recently announced the expansion of new Outlook for Windows to Current Channel users in April 2023, with the goal of providing a unified, modern and robust Outlook experience across desktop and web. This message is not associated with...

Teams: Změna ve správci souborů


Jako MC528955 publikoval 16.3.2023 Microsoft zprávu Microsoft Teams: New Files app in Teams.

Users can easily discover and locate files that are relevant right within the Teams app. This makes it possible to locate, share and collaborate with OneDrive files without leaving the Teams app and switching between various apps.

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Teams: Whiteboard v politice pro aplikace


Jako MC526127 publikoval 11.3.2023 Microsoft zprávu Important Changes to Whiteboard in Teams tabs. Microsoft Whiteboard is making Whiteboard tabs in Teams configurable using Teams app permission policies. This provides more control and flexibility to enable or disable Whiteboard tabs in Teams and complements the already existing meeting policy for Whiteboard in Teams meetings. This message is not...

365 Apps: Odešlete do Kindlu


Jako MC519245 publikoval 23.2.2023 Microsoft zprávu Send to Kindle feature shipping.

We will be adding the ability for users to send documents from Microsoft Word (Win32, Web, Mac) to the Kindle e-reader device or Kindle app.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 117542.

Teams: Kalendář v Apple CarPlay


Jako MC516905 publikoval 17.2.2023 Microsoft zprávu Join Meetings from Calendar View on Apple CarPlay.

Users will soon be able to view upcoming meetings and join meetings via the new meetings view on Apple CarPlay with Teams after connecting iPhone to vehicles that support Apple CarPlay.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 114306.



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